Manifesting abundance

sometimes you need to give yourself a kick up the jacksie and get on with the important things….

Leaving Normal

Sunday 4 January

Mild and misty
12 degrees

I subscribe to Mindvalley Academy and most of the time I just delete their emails.  This morning, I took the time to read about how to unblock your energy fields and start manifesting abundance.  The most important parts I took from the article were the following;

1.  It is not your situation that is making you unhappy – it is your habit of perpetually dwelling on things you see as problems.  Another person in your situation may feel completely different and be happy and positive with it.

2.  Eliminate negative energy by eliminating negative thoughts and actions.  Fate sees and hears what you do and say and gives you more of what you have got.  If you don’t like what you have got, how are you ever going to like having more of it?

3.  DREAM BIG! Most people don’t dare dream…

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