Who is Undercover Agent, you may wonder?  Talking to a friend the other day, she suggested I should be like a Belle de Jour (without being a tart) or even better, a character who could be played by the woman who is not Imelda Staunton, when my story is adapted for film and television.   After some discussion, we arrive at the name of Julie Walters.  I am quite taken by this idea and just hope she is still alive by the time this happens.  Unusual to be played by someone who is older but, as we agreed, she is a marvellous actress darlings.

I have to be undercover so that the people for whom I work wont realise who I am and the people with whom I work wont find out about the scurrilous commentaries I make about them and their foibles.   I am sure the sweeties would be quite happy but the bastards less so….  I have a sudden image of jars in a sweetshop, with my lovely clients as a selection of brightly coloured all sorts.  The bastards are the misshapen lumps of imitation coal which is sold in tiny hessian bags at Christmas in Spain.

This is a personal journal about a year in my life.  i blog about my family and my experiences in daily life and I muse about things and, periodically,  I supernova.  All of my opinions are my own and are presented from a humorous viewpoint.  If you like it, subscribe.  If you don’t, so long and bonne chance.



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