Why good ideas are not always good ideas

Friday 22 May 2015

Lovely and sunny 24 degrees

Was very noble and did lots of emails and ringing people.  The sun shone so walked the dog and the air was sweet with honeysuckle intermingling with acrid overtones of wild garlic and elder flowers.  Wild roses are strung with wild profusion on the banks and the common orchid stands proud in the low grasses, its pale blue spires seeming to glow against the darker growth surrounding.

 thankyou Leigh Evans

Went down town for some shopping and stopped for a coffee and cake and admired the decoration and arts magazines in the paper racks.  There are some stunning homes there. Need to do a bit of lottery winning.

Later on in the day, went to see a house with a lady for whom I have sold a number of properties over the years.  She has spent most of her life in Paris and loves to speak English but she was tired and so was I (it seems to have been a very long week) and so we started off in French and then went to English and then back again.  She has just evicted the tenant and the house was in a poor condition: light fittings ripped out and plugs hanging off the walls.  The base of the doors seemed to have been attacked by giant gnawing animals.  The damp in the toilet had reached the ceiling.  Some renovation had been done to the extent of removing any character from the place.  I suggested she repainted and put in a kitchen.  She thought she would repaint the outside and leave the kitchen as it was and I said it was up to her but spending money on a kitchen is always worthwhile.  We had tea and cake in her conservatory.  My jeans are getting tight.  Must stop the cake.

Back home and an opportunity to regret one of my ‘good ideas’.  They are inevitably hard work and occasionally, hell.  I had suggested a group Skype session and the first lady on is one I know and get on well with.  The second lady came on with an annoying buzzing sound in the back ground and was very boring and then another lady tried to come on and kept on cutting out.  Then the boring lady cut out too.  I felt very tired and thought I could be sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine.  One of the ladies said she had made elderflower cordial. I looked up this recipe and am going to have a go

http://www.thegraphicfoodie.co.uk/2009/06/recipe-elderflower-cordial-without.html  thank you Graphic Foodie


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