The newsletter takes flight!

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Torrential showers
15 degrees

Woke up late and in a fog.  Rain hammering down.  Who needs to go back to the UK? Decided today was the day to do the newsletter I have been going on about for months. Signed into Mail Chimp and entered in all the articles submitted by members, popped in some photos and added opening and closing messages.  Send out test emails and it looks good.

OH rang and said crossing had been terrible and there were a lot of green people on the boat.  He had booked the car in for a service.

Wrote to the accountant and said I was very unhappy that he had signed me up to a centre de gestion for which I had to pay over 300 euros without having either asked my permission, notified me or offered any explanation.

At 2.30 the newsletter was finished and I received by email the draft compromis and powers of attorney for the NZ ladies – too late now to explain everything to them and get the POA’s signed so had to go down town (avoiding the bar owner) and tell the notary to delay until next week.

Rang SFR to ask why my mobile bill was so high and discovered that sending texts to UK was costing me 30 cents a shot.  Must stop sending texts to Ms Noddi.

Walked dog.  Had coffee with American lady who is good in small doses.  She is like a clockwork entertainment centre – wind her up and off she goes.  We had coffee and cake in the lovely cake shop and she rattled on for an hour and a half and then I started to feel the urge to go.  Her conversation is rather like the conveyor belt from the game show which used to be hosted by Bruce Forsyth – the only things I tend to remember are the start, the end and the particularly bizarre bits in the middle.  Most entertainingly, she has put a sign on her door saying that the house is for sale because the neighbour is a complete arse – the new buyer must be ‘cool’ or ‘con’.  The Mayor freaked out when he saw it and said to take it down as otherwise the neighbour (who is actually bonkers) would come and see him and give him hassle.

Back home, refreshed and slightly wired from the coffee and discovered five million emails from people, saying they hadn’t got the newsletter or they now wanted to sign up for it.  I have been banging on about the newsletter since January.  Aaaaargggghhhh

WF rang and said he had failed his second driving test.  Apparently he is still driving too close to the centre of the road and messed up the parallel parking.  OH and I both took three goes to get through – RJ passed first time.  One of my failure was doing an emergency stop that the Examiner didn’t expect and he nearly went through the window and another was reversing into a kerb.  At least he now has another job and can pay for more lessons to iron out his problems with road positioning.


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