New Year and heading into the unknown…

echnology is a wonderful thing when it works. The main computer has gotten itself into a real mess and is operating at teenager with chores speed. On looking at programmed tasks, I discover that the weekly defragmentation is set for 1 am rather than 1 pm and consequently it hasn’t been defragged in about six years. Oops. On setting it to analyse, it takes about an hour to do 10% so OH goes down to the rental units and I try and load some new properties. My laptop is also very slow and a speed test shows we are down to .4 of a giga. Ring up the provider and wail. She says she will do a manipulation and the speed goes up to 1.4 for about 20 minutes.

Leaving Normal

Thursday 1 January 2015

-4 crispy and crunchy and sparkly

Quick breakfast and take dog around the lake.  The water has a egg shell sheen that is only seen in Winter when the water crystals are semi frozen.  Not a breath of wind.  Small coots jerk across the silken surface.  A dozen or so joggers pass us by.  The dog has recovered from the overdose of worming tablets given to him by OH yesterday and seems to have stopped eating grass and vomiting.

When we were first married, and in possession of our first dog, the dog medicine lived in the same box as ours.  Stumbling downstairs with many a Saturday morning crushing hangover, I am convinced that OH has had many more worming tablets than any of our dogs.  He has a nice, shiny coat too.

I get a message from owners of the house I will be revisiting…

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