Nativity mayhem and heavy footed hounds

Leaving Normal

Sunday 1 February 2015

Grey and cold 8 degrees.  Hail later

Sunday is a good place to start the month.  Lazed around in bed, drinking tea.  The local supermarket was absolutely heaving.  It is the only store open on a Sunday in the vicinity and hurrah, they had rice milk in stock.

OH wanted to look at the local river so we drove down a track where the waters could be easily seen from the car but no, we had to go and look at them at closer hand.  The field was an absolute bog, over which the dog floated lightly and we both got covered in mud up to our eyeballs.  OH spotted some ducks and said we needed to creep up on them.  His creeping was thwarted by our heavy footed hound and my shrieking as my boot caught on a bramble and I went splat on my…

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