Bugged by the rain…..

its a bugs life in the rain

Leaving Normal

Thursday 26 February 2015

When will it stop sodding raining?

Phone rings early and it is partner agent, who has been up and at her laptop since 4.30.  I suggest that 4.30 is silly o’clock and she said she had been lying in bed, thinking about work and she had decided she had better get up and do some.  She has just started her own agency and has a pre school child and a husband who expects his meal on the table at 12.30.  I wouldn’t go back to those times for all the Darjeeling in Darjeeling.  She had been hoping to make her first sale this weekend.  It transpires that the wonderful first visit had been made with just the wife, and the husband has since refused even to go and see the house, saying it just doesn’t do it for him.  

This happens all the time, alas…

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