Brambling in the pale winter sun

Sunday 8 February 2015

White and cold and -2

Had thought we were going to an art gallery today but OH said we needed to combine trip with a visit to a DIY store, so will have to be later in the week.  Sun was out so we walked the land and discovered that the brambles were strangling the mixed hedging planted over a couple of autumns ago.

OH watched rugby and I tackled the brambles which were tip rooted as well as very deeply main rooted.  Got off two huge barrow loads.  Discovered beautiful briar rose growing in the thicket so left that to flower over the hedge this summer.  Brambles up to five metres long and intertwined in the hedge.  Took some time and OH came out and assisted and I then left him to play his favourite winter game of ‘pick up sticks’ and he made a huge bonfire. Dog enjoys playing pick up sticks too but is rubbish at putting them on the fire.

Put the chicken and potatoes on to roast and went back to looking at family history.  Made more progress with my Aunt Alice, whose christian name was relatively unusual in the late 19th century.  Having found a site which gives free access to the censuses, I found an Alice Roberts living with a Chetwood family in 1911 and she was their grand daughter aged 6 and born in Llanfyllin in Montgomeryshire.  She had become a Chetwood by the time she married my Uncle Alfred in 1931.   I am now wondering if both my grandmother, Ada, married a Chetwood but was actually born a Roberts, and had Alice before she married. That could be another reason why Alice was born in such a remote corner of Wales.

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