Alas, Cat Woman!

Wednesday 4 February 2015

0 degrees dry and clear
Feels very cold

OH ailing in bed so was obliged to take the dog for a walk first thing in the morning.  The lane was quiet apart from a vendor and her madly excitable dog.  She was peering at me from a distance (I had on many layers and a bonnet firmly pulled down on my brows) and it was only when we were extricating the dogs from one another that she realised who I was. She said that the market was ‘mortel’ and she really hoped that I would bring someone who wants to buy her house, and soon.  Me too.  Walk seemed longer on my own.  Kept looking at my phone to see if WF was calling, as promised, but he didn’t.

Back home and OH managed some poached egg and toast.  He looked really rough and stayed in bed for most of the day.

Went downstairs and battled to light the fire.  Remembered that I had done some writing about my family history, so instead of ringing people up and ironing, spent an hour going through the files on the PC and finally found it.  Result!  You, happy or unhappy reader, can read bits which I will insert on days when not a lot is happening.  You may be wondering why you are not reading some today, as manifestly I am rambling on.  Well, it is gone 8 am and I have two days journal to write and a 9.30 appointment.  Currently in bed with a cup of tea and the radiator on.

Went swimming later on.  Despite the chilly day, not many people in the pool.  A couple of pregnant ladies and some young guys.  A very elegant lady came in, accompanied by a young blonde girl and a little, skipping, red-headed sprite that made my heart ping with remembered love.

The changing room has been updated and has hairdryers which have options other than off or on.  Was drying my hair when a girl came in for the gym class.  In her 20’s with taut muscles, a text tattoo wrapping around her firm waist and a diamante in her belly button.  She smoothed back her hair into a neat pony tail and carefully adjusted what there was of her Lycra two piece and looked at herself from all angles in the tall mirror.  Content, she bounced off through the door.

I looked at myself in the long mirror.  Once again, I had forgotten to bring my hair brush and the effect overall was of the mad cat woman from the Simpsons.   Must do better…

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