Dreaming of the house of my dreams

Sunday 25 January 2015

Glorious sunshine 4 degrees

Woken by the sun filtering through the shutters.  Cars and courtyard still shrouded in frost. Dug dog out of his basket and down town to pick up the rental unit keys and buy bread. Rental unit hardly touched and I was pleased to find bounty in terms of margarine, fruit, bread, potatoes, milk and orange juice.

Walked the old tram route which has been fully tarmacked by the local commune.  It was heading for midday by this time and there was no one around.  The tarmac was finely carpeted with orange oak and ash leaves and our breath spiralled into the chilly air.  The occasional jogger passed us by.  Dog attempted to pee on every third tree.  Walked for an hour and a half and then went for coffee in a bar and attempted to catch up with the Sunday papers accumulated by OH from his various trips to the UK.  Doing quite well – we are already up to November 2014!

Back home and OH lit the Aga and I made mince pies and malt loaf and listened to Radio 4 iPlayer on the laptop – the Ipcress File.  We can get iPlayer radio but not iPlayer telly which is somewhat frustrating.  Internet not strong enough for Netflix streaming.  We managed for a long time on dial up and then went to 512kb and are currently on 1.5mb which seems incredibly fast.  I went to a rival supplier of internet to see if I could get a better price and they informed me that, where I live, it is not possible to get broadband.  I went back to my current supplier and they also informed me that I could not have broadband.  I pointed out that I had broadband and it is they who are supplying it.   I suggested that I should stop paying for something that they say I don’t have and they said they would stop my connection….   Andorran logic is very hard to follow.

Clients from early in the week emailed to say that the business partner needs to get over and see the property and they wouldn’t be making any quick moves.  Why can’t people make quick moves for God’s sake – it would be a refreshing change.  The clients from later in the week reminded me to repay the security deposit and said they would mull things over and get back in touch.

Had roast duck and roast potatoes and delicious white wine.   OH listened to music and podcasts in the kitchen and I started looking at houses back in the UK.  Looking at houses I could potentially afford turned out to be rather depressing so I started looking at ones that I do not currently have the means to buy.   I have to say, the fact that people have money, does not mean they have taste.  Gorgeous barn conversions with Jackanory windows were mullered with ghastly heavy drapes and frilly flounces.  Serious nick knack collectors too. Finally came upon a dream property.  Georgian and on National Trust land.  Not renovated to within an inch of its life.  Cutting garden, white garden, veg garden, near to the South Coast and on the banks of a prime salmon river (OH very keen fisherman).

Here is the link  http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-46484975.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=sharing&utm_campaign=buying

Universe, I need 1.85 million plus stamp duty.   Please oblige and quickly.  Muchas gracias xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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