The difficulties of finding the dream – when the dream keeps changing…

Saturday 24 January 2015

3 degrees with brilliant sun later

A more civilised start today.  Down to pick up clients at 9.30 and they are already up and about and ready to roll.  

First house is 15 kms from our town and is a new house in an old shell.  The mountain views are absolutely stupendous.  Their snow is deep and crisp and pink in the morning light.   The owner has come back from Switzerland to open up.   The clients go back to being reserved and withdrawn.

Head off to another house and again, don’t get a lot of feedback.  They pop into a room and say ‘ok’ and then come out again.  With all clients, I do a sit down run through at the end and it will be especially valuable with these two.

We arrive at our final house and it appears that finally, we may be approaching something they like.  It is chocolate box pretty and is being sold by a partner agent, who is there and waiting when we arrive.  The owners are away, and I am surprised to see another Maine Coon.  They are popping out of the woodwork everywhere.

The couple spend a lot of time in the garden and admire the wonderful snow capped peaks. The other agent and I start to feel optimistic.

I take them to a nearby bar and we do the run through.  The man takes the opportunity to show me on his phone pictures of a property on which they just missed out, last year.  It bears no resemblence whatsoever to what I have been showing them.  Feel miffed.  They have been looking for a number of years and, running through the houses we have seen with them, I can see why.  Their criteria have evolved.  It transpires that the man likes the first house we saw today, and the lady the third one.  Alas, ours is way down on their preference list.   Have a hot chocolate and then they leave to go down to the mountains.

I go home.  It is 2.30 and OH thinks I have made progress.  There is a possibility of revisiting Monday with the clients so all is not yet lost.   They then ring at 8 pm and say that they have decided to go to their friends up in France, many hours north, as from tomorrow morning.  So no more revisits and they will be back in early March.

Try and catch up with the clients from earlier in the week – the man has gone to rugby and the lady says that his partner will be buying his house in the UK so there is a lot to sort out. On the positive side, means that the man can make his own decision and the partner won’t have to come over to see the properties as well.

Ring all the owners of the properties visited, leave feedback, update the software system and arrange some appointments for next week.

I find a bottle of korma sauce in the cupboard and make fish curry.

It has been a long day.  Watch ‘Meet Me in Saint Louis’.  OH is big fan of Judy Garland

Judy Garland publicity photo.pngthank you wikipedia

Another fragile Gemini with many marriages, and ultimately an early death with drugs and alcohol.  It is fortunate for you and I, dear readers, that fame has not yet carried me off.  I am always ready to be famous however, and promise to handle it sensibly.


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