Manifesting abundance

Sunday 4 January

Mild and misty
12 degrees

I subscribe to Mindvalley Academy and most of the time I just delete their emails.  This morning, I took the time to read about how to unblock your energy fields and start manifesting abundance.  The most important parts I took from the article were the following;

1.  It is not your situation that is making you unhappy – it is your habit of perpetually dwelling on things you see as problems.  Another person in your situation may feel completely different and be happy and positive with it.

2.  Eliminate negative energy by eliminating negative thoughts and actions.  Fate sees and hears what you do and say and gives you more of what you have got.  If you don’t like what you have got, how are you ever going to like having more of it?

3.  DREAM BIG! Most people don’t dare dream big enough and set themselves small targets which are easily achievable.

4.  And to set everything en route, set an intention and write it down and put it where you can see it every day.  Both you and fate will then get things underway.

5.  Stop over thinking things.  In fact, shut up the voices in your head altogether.  Live in the present and DECIDE TO BE HAPPY NOW – the word NOW is so important.  Happy now and not contingent upon some future event, person, version of yourself.

It is very important when setting an intention to get the correct phrasing.  So, not I want to be rich – you already have manifested that situation because you ALREADY want to be rich – see?  You have to set the intention that you ARE rich, you ARE healthy.   It is also very important not to set a negative intention   I DON’T have this job any more.  Rather choose, I HAVE the job of my dreams.

What do you dream big of this year?  Email me on the contact form.  Let’s get excited about it together!

I have also signed up for a Webinar on Thursday evening – 8 pm CET

Have you heard of affirmations?  I have used them and have been very surprised and thrilled at the results.  One of my affirmations was ‘I am the best salesperson at XXXXXXX’.   I achieved the best results in the next sales incentive and got a wonderful and valuable reward.  I also used ‘I receive an unexpected windfall’.  Shortly afterwards, I discovered that my insurance company had not been reimbursing  the full amount on our medical fees, and this had been going on for years and I successfully reclaimed 2500 euros which really got us out of a financial hole.  My current one is ‘Our house is sold for xxxxxx euros’.  Anything and everything is possible.  Just decide what you really, really want and concentrate on it daily until you achieve it.

Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, in his 1997 book the Dilbert Future, Adams wrote about the Law of Attraction which he used to achieve huge life goals by the power of positive thinking, without actually working towards them.  

The idea behind writing affirmations is that you simply write down your goals 15 times a day and somehow, as if by magic, coincidences start to build until you achieve your objective against all odds. Prior to my Dilbert success, I used affirmations on a string of hugely unlikely goals that all materialized in ways that seemed miraculous. Some of the successes you can explain away by assuming I’m hugely talented and incredibly sexy, and therefore it is no surprise that I accomplished my goals despite seemingly long odds. But some of my goals involved neither hard work nor skill of any kind. I succeeded with those too, against all odds.

Went through cold leads with OH and diarised those worth recontacting.  OH then sighed a heavy sigh and got out his new watch and the very large watch manual.  It is a Casio which does temperature, barometric pressure, altitude and many other things.  Impressive number of buttons and displays.   20 minutes later, when OH was still repeating ‘press Button A and set your city code’, I took it off him, set everything and gave it him back with the strict interdiction to never again touch Button A.

Took dog for what turned out to be a very long walk.  How much more you notice on foot.  Got up a good head of steam and took so long that OH had actually started dinner when I got back.  More ironing and oh joy, a whole A4 sheet of things to do tomorrow.

Charity group is gaining pace and we have people sending off knitted contributions already!  Had a flash of inspiration and floated idea of Calendar Girls calendar.  So far there are three of us up for it!! Exciting times!!!!!!

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