New Year’s eve 2014

31 December 2014

Still freezing

Award ourselves huge lie in (grasse matinée in French meaning fat morning, no equivalent of this in Andorra where everyone goes to bed very very late) and enjoy tea in bed and snuggling under the many duvets.

Cold and clear so have huge breakfast and take the dog out.  The track is covered with a myriad of sparkling orange oak leaves.  Hardly anyone about.  I discover message from AA asking to revisit the house from yesterday.  Our property ‘doesnt correspond’ which is a real stinker to accept but I didn’t expect to see them again before their departure.  Ring other agent to tell them I need the key back – their visit has been put back to Saturday, otherwise the key would have been in the letter box and I would not be able to do the visit without first availing myself of a strong magnet.  Organised to meet up tomorrow at 2 pm

Discover owner has posted the property at a very low price on a free ad site which is very popular – ring him up and tell him to take it off immediately as this will scupper my chances of getting him a better price.

Go for coffee and delicious chocolate fondants with scoop of hazelnut ice cream.  OH discusses politics with the owner (who is called Rudolf!! – festive).  I look at the regional paper and discover everything is about to increase in price.

Go home and write speech for tomorrow.  I will need to tame my hair and put on some makeup. Don’t want to scare them.

Speak to WF on Skype – he is wearing a ski hat and says the heating is not on high.  We suggest he turns up the thermostat.  He opens present I sent him and looks interested – Game Design book.  No news from RJ.

Watch rubbish on the telly and in bed for before midnight.  My phone turns from 31.12.2014 11.59 to 01.01.2015 00.00.  The New Year is here – distant fireworks boom.

Bring it on.


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