Christmas Eve

Wednesday 24 December 2014

4 Degrees foggy

Back to the floor scrubbing.  OH discovers new cracks in the ceilings and puts plaster on the parquet as a change from paint.  Everyone in the market place is having fun and wearing silly hats and laughing although finding time to complain about the horse droppings from Father Christmas calèche and ponies which are having some difficulties navigating the stalls.

Stop to wish Merry Christmas to lovely friend and am waylaid by RH who, as usual is not wearing his hearing aids.

‘Have a cup of coffee with me darling’
‘I cant, I have to clean floors’
‘you have to scream at doors?’
‘I have to do some CLEANING’

I do hope he has found someone to take him for Christmas dinner but my nerves wont allow it to be us.

Am obliged to drop off OH’s urine sample and have hidden it in a cereal box.  The box attracts a surprising amount of attention.  I refuse to let people know its contents. Jokes are made about me not being able to afford wrapping paper for my presents.  I have to keep backing off so they cant smell the sample.  I am sure other people’s lives are not this complicated.

Back home to bake mince pies and make trifle.  WF tortures me by having his phone switched off ALL DAY.  I do hope he is doing something interesting.

OH comes back much later having consumed what he assures me is a lot of free Christmas Guinness and regales me with a tale of how the local publican has managed to get early pension for being unable to do his job and is in receipt of 800 euros a month.  He opens after five pm when all the gendarmes and public servants have gone home and is very happy as his bills are covered by the State.  OH suggests I can apply for the same status on grounds of stress.

I make paella and put in too much rice and when I take the lid of the pot, discover I have enough food to feed the five thousand.


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